Continuing with another story in the fireside stories theme for the month at Mantra Night. This is a very ancient Puranic story about a young prince who was insulted by his stepmother and ignored by his father the king. He was so deeply offended he abandoned his home in the palace at the tender age of five and went to the forest to seek a means to get justice. Following in the footsteps of great sages and yogis he attempted to undertake a life of austerity and mystic yoga practice hoping to be blessed with a kingdom that would rival his father’s.

He eventually has a great spiritual revelation and a vision of the Supreme Soul, after which he returns home. As a result of spiritual enlightenment, he undergoes a complete transformation, declaring that his stated goal of a vast kingdom which previously seemed like priceless gems, now appears to be useless like broken glass. This is the story of the great saintly king, Dhruva Maharaja.