This is the third talk in the series ‘Reconnecting with our Source’.

What is it that makes someone an ideal friend?

One of the many qualities of a friend is understanding. If you have a friend and you go to that friend to explain a problem you’re having – to open your heart – you know that your friend will be understanding. They will not condemn you or misunderstand you. No matter what problem you’re having, your friend will still love you.

So, when we speak of the Lord in our heart (our eternal Soulmate), we’re speaking of the perfect friend.

When most people think of the Absolute Truth, Supreme Person (Bhagavan), God, unfortunately they often think of a judge, rather than a friend. So, when they need a friend, instead of approaching God as their dear-most friend, they approach other people and try to open their hearts to them.

The yogis know the Supreme Person who resides within our own hearts as the most attractive person and He is the dear-most friend and well-wisher of all living entities. The real BFF (Best Friend Forever).