There is a single trait that psychologists have studied over the years that can actually predict the answers to all of the 5 questions: How happy are you?; How wealthy are you?; Do you have an addictive personality?; Are you in debt?; How satisfied are you with your life?

And that trait isn’t grades in school or friendliness or confidence or emotional stability or even personality in general. It isn’t intelligence or persistence. Rather, it is restraint — the ability to resist temptation confidently and repeatedly. Psychologists call this conscientiousness.

Since time immemorial all the spiritual and religious paths in the world promoted restraint. But since the 60’s the idea of restraint has become vilified and in its place is the philosophy of instant gratification, of “Just Do It!”. But if I want to become truly happy then restraint must become an important foundation for the values I should adopt to serve as My Compass for Life.