The ideal of perfect love is something everyone hopes for, but is it even possible? The answer is yes. But not within a temporary and imperfect world. This desire is rooted in our eternal and spiritual nature and can only be experienced in that which is eternal, spiritual, and perfect.

Within this world, we enter into relationships with others, and we often hope that they will turn out to be the perfect person to love. To place such an expectation upon others is unfair to ourselves and others. It is possible to have healthy and loving relationships with others, but we must not expect perfection from them. We are all imperfect.

The perfection of love which we seek or hope for can only be experienced in relation to the actual Lord of our heart. Seeking out and establishing a loving connection with this Lord of our hearts, was the principal focus of most yogis since time immemorial. It is eternally part of our deepest spiritual nature.