We live in a time where there seems to be an increasing intolerance towards people of a different political or social philosophy than my own. And based on my having an “enlightened” point of view and being ‘right’, I give myself permission to hate those whom I brand as haters. But aren’t I also doing the same thing that I am accusing others of doing? Hating is never enlightened, nor is drawing hard lines and dividing into groups all based on temporary identities. We seem to have forgotten that “all this too shall pass”. This world, this body in which I am temporarily residing, these social constructs – all shall pass. But “I”, the eternal spiritual being will continue to exist. The word ‘enlightened’ points to having a spiritual perspective and living a spiritual life. A life where my goals and focus are that which is eternal not that which is temporary or transitory. Engage with the world, take part in social and civic responsibilities, but don’t lose the plot. Don’t mistake the temporary for the eternal.