We are living in a fast-paced technological world where we are being served “information” at an extraordinary rate, which we cannot possibly keep up with.

Things have become so complex (complicated living) and there is a massive reduction in people’s attention spans and an over-emphasis on trivial and unimportant things like your hair and wardrobe for example (try living like the billions of poor and underfed on the planet and see how important how you “look” is to them), resulting in the truly dumbing-down of the wider population (low thinking).

This is utterly alienating people from each other and the world, leading to purposelessness, isolation, and deep unhappiness.

The British historian, Arnold Toynbee, stated in an article back in 1972:

“The cause of the world’s malady is spiritual. We are suffering from having sold our souls to the pursuit of an objective that is both spiritually wrong and practically unobtainable. We have to reconsider our objective and change it. And until we do this, we shall not have peace, either amongst ourselves or within each of us.”

Adopting the motto of my spiritual teacher, “Simple Living and High Thinking”, would reverse this trend and actually solve many of our problems.

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