Karma Yoga – Caring, Sharing & Happiness

3 Part Series:

Transcending Karma

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An enlightening series on karma. What exactly is karma? Is there a problem with karma? How do we escape karmic reaction? And what exactly is Karma-yoga?

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Karma – The Good The Bad & The Ugly Truth
Karma - The Good the Bad & the Ugly Truth

October 6, 2019

The theme for this month is “Transcending Karma”. A discussion on karma will reinforce the reality that my experience of “life” is of my own making. My destiny is a creation of my own making, the product or result of…
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Karma Yoga – Caring, Sharing & Happiness
Karma-yoga – Caring, Sharing & Happiness

October 12, 2019

Last week we looked at karma (action) and how it binds a person to the cycle of repeated birth and death and the consequent suffering that arises from that. The Vedas therefore teach that the actual goal of our human…
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Everything I Do – I Do It For You
Everything I do - I do it for You

October 19, 2019

This is the 3rdand final talk in the Transcending Karma Series. When the Brian Adams song “Everything I Do” came out some years ago it quickly became a world-hit. Millions of people all over the world were drawn to it.…
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