The question “what if I break up with me?” is a joke but the subject is not.
It has become commonplace for mental healthcare professionals to promote an idea that is considered in all authentic and ancient yoga teachings to be unhealthy and detrimental for your happiness and the spiritual experience of self-realization. It is common to see articles from professionals such as: “Unconditional Love is Possible—But Only From Yourself”, “30 Ways to Practice Self-Love and Be Good to Yourself”, “Self-Love Must Come First: How to Love Yourself”.

One such professional wrote in a major USA media publication the following advice: “IMAGINE HOW YOU TREAT YOURSELF ON A DAILY BASIS AS IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON, IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU.” Well it seems the Dalai Lama has an opposing view also – ‘“Nobody will love you until you love yourself” is baloney, says the Dalai Lama. Do this instead.’– May 4, 2017
But this is a big subject which I may try to address in the future.