These were still some unanswered questions that I was asked at the recently concluded retreat, so I will attempt to answer them here.

The list of questions was:

02:27 Could you please give us a definition of the word “spiritual”, as you have mentioned trees/nature is not spiritual, but they do contain life force and for many people that is the same life force or “spirit” that we experience as humans.

10:31  What are your thoughts on movement and good nutrition being linked to our ability to connect deeper to our spiritual nature? If we eat crap does impact this connection?

16:09  What is the most important thing I can do in my life to develop spiritually?

18:14  How to find purpose?

23:50  A friend of mine said to me; “Where do we get our thoughts from?”  “It’s the key to cultivating other things.” What do you think?

32:11  What is the purpose of romantic relationships/partnerships?

38:10  How do we move from complete self-centeredness/selfishness into greater selflessness whilst maintaining balance and having healthy boundaries?

42:35  Do you believe we are reincarnated? If so can you explain more? When we go after we die? (Some links to a more in-depth look at this subject. – “The Ins and Outs of Reincarnation” “Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” “Purpose, Reincarnation, and Suffering – an online Q&A session.

45:23  Our current society is grooming us to be more isolated. How do we encourage unity every day?

48:02  I really want to change my heart but I don’t have the strength and I don’t know how?