Part 1 – False Identity: The Foundation for Materialism

Welcome to Part 1 from this series of talks on the subject of “Consumerism & Happiness – the Yoga View” by Acharya Das.

In this first part of the series, Acharya das discusses how the ancient yoga tradition has a radically different world view to that which is generally held by people of this world.

He speaks about the two opposing world views, (materialism vs true spirituality) which underlie the foundation for where an individual naturally searches to achieve deep purpose, happiness, and real love in their life.

Acharya das encourages us that it is fundamentally important to know the differences between these two perspectives and to understand the nature of our own identity.

It is explained that a person viewing their own identity from the perspective of the ancient yoga tradition (True Spirituality), understands their identity to be spiritual in nature and that they are not the material body. Rather, the body is considered a temporary outer covering they are wearing.

To the contrary, if a person falsely determines their identity to be this body and mind (Materialism), they will pursue happiness and purpose solely through the perspective of pleasing the mind and senses of their body. This false determination is explained as the cause of all problems, suffering and frustration as a person will act on this in the pursuit of happiness.

The world view of the yoga ancient tradition teaches in detail how all individuals can satisfy their quest for a life that is deeply purposeful, experiencing not just happiness, but blissfulness and the reality of love.