A number of people have asked me about navigating disinformation online, and particularly on social media.

The brilliant documentary “The Social Dilemma” which was released very recently, points out how a Google search on a specific subject by 2 people (who may be friends even), and while even standing next to each other, can result in different views/perspectives being served in the search results, when searching on exactly the same topic. This is because social media, news, YouTube and other platforms use algorithms to keep you ‘stuck’ on their sites. YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. etc, all seek to reinforce your own belief and value system through scandal, outrage, shock, and other highly emotional responses in order to hold your attention.

Many sites take factual events/points to create differing narratives or spin. This is referred to as spinning the truth.

We should also ask whether the “info” being presented, appeals to my base instincts? Does it create division (team spirit), or does it encourage empathy, compassion and kindness? Is it based on spiritual understanding, or does it promote ignorance?

The Vedic principle was to evaluate a speaker/writer (their character, moral/ethical values, life-style, source of ‘knowledge’ etc) before allowing them into your head/mind and your heart.