This is the 4thlesson in the “Weathering a Storm” series. Our life, as we are experiencing it, is largely the result of choices we make. Making good choices and actions, produce the best possible outcomes, and can directly impact our happiness. To make conscious choices (as opposed to ‘emotional’ and often unconscious choices) we need to practice mindfulness. That means not letting our mind and emotions get the better of us.

We often tend to respond in an emotionally charged way to unpleasant and unwelcome events, situations, and people, who come into our lives. As a general guideline, I advise people not to make important decisions (or any decisions), engage in any action, or even speak out, while in any highly (or even moderately) emotional state. Our speech, actions, and decisions made in such a state are often not going to be helpful, either for ourselves or others, and we will often come to regret the things we may say or do.

In the first line of the Serenity Prayer we pray for the serenity to accept things I cannot change. Why is that important? This talk will answer part of this question by dealing with the application of mindfulness meditation.