This is the final talk in the Mindfulness series. We summarize the purpose and goal of the practice of mindfulness and the two main categories of meditation which were performed by the transcendentalists since time immemorial.

In the first category there are three meditations; 1) meditation upon the truth of my existence, 2) meditation upon my changing body and how ā€œIā€, the self within, are the constant principle in a sea of change and am therefore not my material body, 3) the silent witness meditation which reveals how I am not my mind, but rather, the observer of the mind, and how I must learn to not be constantly swept along by the mind. These mindfulness meditations help me to discover and experience my inner spiritual self ā€“ the true self.

The second category of meditation is the use of sacred or transcendental sound, to purify my consciousness and to gradually become free from falsely identifying my body as myself. This is the beginning of enlightenment or self-realization.