In this talk we address just the issue of drug usage (specifically marijuana) from a spiritual perspective. That perspective is best framed by the question “will this lead me to the realization of my true spiritual identity and being or will it contribute/reinforce the illusion that the body (and mind) is who “I” truly am?”

These two outcomes produce radically different experiences and results for everyone.

This talk is part of a series called Ethics Morals & Spirituality in response to a few questions I received about marijuana legalization and euthanasia which are being put to a referendum here in New Zealand. Part of the questions put to me was: “We see the majority of people demanding the freedom to choose to do ‘whatever they feel is desirable’, although some of these things may be considered illegal. Where should the line be drawn between individual responsibility/ discretion and Government legislation/ enforcement?” We will attempt to answer this over the course of the series.