The wide use of the social media mechanism of “leave a comment below” in all it’s different forms, including Twitter, has significantly contributed to the current breakdown of social etiquette and damaged communication between people. Poisoning the well of social discourse has contributed to the serious loss of peace of mind and the erosion of happiness of much of the population at large.

As Tristan Harris the former Design Ethicist of Google has stated, this is part of Big Tech’s strategy and business model helping it “to create a society that is addicted, outraged, polarized, performative and disinformed.”

From a spiritual perspective, this is incredibly damaging to people and disruptive to spiritual growth. We need to be continuously evaluating whether something I am hearing, seeing, reading, etc, heightens my emotional responses? And does this content appeal to or stimulate my baser instincts? Does it create division (team spirit), or does it encourage empathy, compassion and kindness? Is it based on spiritual understanding, or does it promote ignorance?