This was a series of three talks given at a one-day retreat in Adelaide.

The 1sttalk examines the need to gain much more control of our lives. People do not recognize how much of their mind-content is not truly our own. We examine the ways in which everyone is subjected to so much external influence, most of which does not help move me towards a condition of peacefulness and happiness. Meditation is a significant tool to change this.

The 2ndtalk deals with the connection of meditation with mindfulness and how this improves the quality of one’s life. Prior to the talk everyone did a guided meditation called Silent Witness Meditation. That meditation is available on Youtube here –

The 3rdtalk deals with the need to begin the process of developing a regular personal meditation practice. This is challenging but becomes increasingly easier as time passes. A set of instructional and practice videos are available here – This includes a few sessions that can be used to help in building a practice where there is guided relaxation, mantra with breath, japa meditation and then a short kirtan.