This is the 5thlesson in the “Weathering a Storm” series. More often than not, anxiety arises from a feeling of not being in control of outcomes. This can apply to many different situations that produce anxiety, but careful reflection will help us to deal with this.

The previous lessons all provided answers or parts of the answer to dealing with anxiety:

  1. This too shall pass
  2. The serenity prayer – acceptance of the unchangeable, courage to change what is within our power and wisdom to know the difference.
  3. Do not become a victim of emotions and fears. Learn to hit pause, calm down, evaluate – how can/should I deal with this situation or person. Before I speak or act, consider what outcome I desire and then speak and act in a way to produce that outcome. Emotionally driven responses, choices and actions never produce good outcomes.
  4. Our choices determine our experience of life. Make good choices that produce great (or at a minimum, acceptable) outcome.
  5. You are an eternal spiritual being residing in a temporary material body in a temporary and changing world. Unrealistic expectations of life destroy inner peace and lead to anxiousness.