Part 2 – Consumer Economics, Shaping People’s Desires.

Welcome to Part 2 from this series of talks on the subject of “Consumerism & Happiness – the Yoga View” by Acharya Das,

In this second part of the series, Acharya das further elaborates on the foundation for materialism. Using practical examples from his own life experiences, he explains in an understandable manner how the temporary body I have is not myself, and that it is therefore erroneous to conclude that I can achieve complete happiness through this (bodily) vehicle.

Looking back into the early 1900’s, we discover the history of how industrialists made a concerted effort to develop modern economics to exploit societies for great profit. It is explained that this was done by influencing people to feel that they “need” a particular product or lifestyle to achieve the happiness and fulfillment everyone is looking for.
This active movement was lead by Paul Mazur, a prominent banker for Lehman Brothers using concepts from Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud), who invented the concept public relations.