There is a need to change how we think about some of the major issues facing humanity today. If we don’t then the issues will not be addressed properly. Climate and environmental issues are the obvious ones but there are also major social issues that need real solutions.

Pollution is not just the nasty stuff we pump into the land, the air, and the water, it is also what we pump into people’s minds.

While overtly supporting the massive and imminent dangers of Climate Change and denouncing the polluters, Big Tech is an outsized contributor to the problems through their revenue models.

And on the social-issues front, a recent news article states:

“The Wallstreet Journal reports that Facebook has known for years that Instagram was mass-producing anxiety, depression, and eating disorders among teen girls who use it, and did nothing about it.

That’s because giving teens eating disorders is very profitable. As Casey Johnston writes, “these companies know that it’s addictive to make people think that, somewhere in their app, there’s a solution to feeling inferior and incomplete. The influencer who makes you feel not pretty enough, who also seems to have the key to becoming pretty enough? That’s Instagram candy.”

This talk presents a Yoga Wisdom perspective.