This is a continuation where we begin to examine some of the qualities which we are encouraged to cultivate as part of a code to live by. I am dividing a list of qualities promoted in the Vedas into two main parts. The first of qualities which affect my relationships and dealings with others. The second part I will deal with next week.

In considering these qualities we should try to contemplate how we would like others to deal with us, both in our good times and our bad. What are the things that would touch us very deeply if someone related to us this way? Using this lens, we should look at our own actions and speech and see if we measure up to our own ideal of how we would like others to treat us.

Prominent amongst these qualities would be:

  • Kindness/Compassion, (defined as “being unable to bear the suffering of others”)
  • Humility, (not feeling higher than any other person)
  • Tolerance (defined as “to patiently endure unhappiness”)
  • Non-violence (Treating all life Equally – even giving up jealousy and envy)
  • Truthfulness (not distort the truth for some personal interest and to speak the truth in a pleasing way, “as declared by great sages”)
  • Forgiveness