Mantra MEDITATION – Part 4 Kirtan Meditation

Kirtan literally means to “glorify” or “speak about”. This refers to the glorification of the Supreme or the chanting of His sacred names.

Kirtan is the joyful and meditative chanting of sacred sounds(mantras) aloud. This is usually done in a group. There is a leader of the kirtan who has received these sacred mantras, or transcendental sounds, from a spiritual teacher in an ancient and authorized lineage.

The leader of the kirtan begins by chanting the mantra, and the rest of the group listens meditatively. Then the group responds by chanting the same mantra. This continues throughout the kirtan.

This is not a rigid or stiff practice, it is joyous and relaxed. You can clap your hands in time with the music, play musical instruments, sway, or stand and dance. Sometimes a kirtan may be soulful and meditative, or at other times it may evoke a very great feeling of happiness, and people may sing loudly and dance joyfully.

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