Mantra MEDITATION – Part 1 Getting started

A helpful introduction to an easy meditation and the use of mantras.

Meditation is life changing. It brings clarity and focus to one’s life and the experience of transcendental inner peace and happiness, arising from self-realization or coming to know my true spiritual identity.

Meditation is easy to do, even for one who has not had prior training or experience. Amongst all the forms of meditation it is Mantra Meditation which is most easy to perform.

This series introduces you to the joyful practice of Mantra Meditation, the ways in which it can be performed, and then offers suggestions how to make this a part of your daily life.

Mantra Meditation transcends all languages, nationalities, and religious faiths. It is as universal as the sunrise. Everyone can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and be warmed by its golden rays. Likewise, everyone can find spiritual beauty, warmth and comfort in the Transcendental Sound or Sacred Names (mantras).

You can access and download audio track HERE