Spirituality is the topic of the second part of the series. Spirituality is broadly defined as including a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves—typically involving a search for the meaning in life. But many people loosely use the term “spiritual” in ways that detract from the true meaning of spirituality and what it is to “be spiritual”.  Acharya das clearly explains the meaning of “spiritual”. It begins with a real understanding of the differences between the material and spiritual energies.  He also contrasts the materialistic and spiritual world-views. The wisdom which arises from true spiritual vision is to see as follows:

  1. The world, not as my home or my property, but a place that existed before I showed up in this body and which will exist beyond my current life in this body. My claim to any part of this world is false. “Consuming” this world will not give me true and lasting happiness. I should view this world with appreciation and through the lens of guardianship.
  2. All life is sacred. All life is spiritual. There is no higher or lower. We are all spiritual brothers and sisters. Exploiting or using others brings unhappiness to the user and the used. Love and serve others.
  3. I am not material. “I” am spiritual. The path of true self-discovery brings eternal happiness, peace and fulfilment.

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