Who am I ?

Why am I here ?

What is the purpose of life ?

What lies beyond this life ?

In my younger years, I was plagued by these questions. I quickly came to realize that the passage of time between one’s birth and one’s death did not actually define ‘life’. I later came to learn that by seeking answers to these questions the gradual understanding of ‘life’ became possible and this quest was truly ‘the journey of life’. On this journey, the key practices of Meditation, Kirtan and cultivating Yoga Wisdom provide the answers to these questions – and the realizations.

Path of Yoga

Journey of Life

Aum-Hari-Aum (Om Hari Om) Kirtan – Live

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In this world there is no more powerful vibration than transcendental sound, and no more sublime method of meditation than kirtan. Live Aum Hari Aum chant from Mantra Night last Sunday. Taste and enjoy! “Therefore, transcendentalists undertaking performances of sacrifice, charity and penance in accordance with scriptural regulations begin always with Aum, to attain the Supreme.” Bhagavad-gita 17.4


Tolerance and the role it plays in my search for happiness

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This was a talk from the weekly Mantra Night held every Sunday evening at Grey Lynn Community Center at 6pm. It is about tolerance and the role it plays in my search for happiness.  The great Vedic spiritual text known as the Srimad Bhagavatam defines tolerance as to “patiently endure unhappiness”.  Tolerance is a “must have” quality if one is to succeed…