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Aum Asato-Ma Mantra

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It is very unfortunate that many yoga practitioners today remain out of touch with the foundational precepts of yoga which ensure their actual happiness. If I instead remain mired in worldliness and worldly experience, the result will simply be continued the continued suffering of material existence. Some important and basic truths are: My body and mind are not me –…


Aum-Hari-Aum (Om Hari Om) Kirtan – Live

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In this world there is no more powerful vibration than transcendental sound, and no more sublime method of meditation than kirtan. Live Aum Hari Aum chant from Mantra Night last Sunday. Taste and enjoy! “Therefore, transcendentalists undertaking performances of sacrifice, charity and penance in accordance with scriptural regulations begin always with Aum, to attain the Supreme.” Bhagavad-gita 17.4