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Identity Politics – Healing or Hurting?

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If we could “design” an ideal neighbor, work associates, and other members of society, we would want them to be caring, compassionate, accepting, kind, loving etc., etc.  These are manifestations of one’s consciousness. We can’t force people to become this way nor can we legislate someone’s consciousness.  This requires an internal change, a revolution of the heart.  Yet society is…


The Truth – is what’s true for you true for me?

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“And the truth shall set you free.” But what is the TRUTH? Do we all have our own truths? Is truth changing with the so-called development of societies?  As societies advance(?) we are confronted with enormous and growing levels of anxiety, depression, and suicide, especially among the younger generation. Is there a problem with our collective acceptance of what it…


Porn, Yoga, & Happiness

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After last week’s talk about Alcohol, Drugs & Yoga I received some inquiries about whether pornography also affects one’s yoga practice and its place or role in our search for happiness.  This is an important topic considering how viewing porn has become so common and accepted.  There is the view that it is harmless, unless engaged in excessively.  However, this…


Alcohol Drugs & Yoga

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Yoga speaks to the complex relationship between me (the eternal spiritual being residing within the body) and my mind. Alcohol and drugs increase the control the mind has over me and shackles me to material existence. To experience self-realization, God-realization, and to taste perfect happiness one needs to live a temperate life, a life of moderation and self-restraint. By surrendering…


All Things Must Pass

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We all long for lasting happiness, a never ending love, a deathless life, and a perfect home sweet home. We are searching for a perfection which never ends. That is a reasonable desire because we are actually eternal spiritual beings. However the world in which we live, the body we occupy, and the relationships we form, all have a beginning…